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Weddings and Galas

All of our weddings and larger events are masterfully planned with the utmost attention to detail. We work closely on planning the perfect menu for any occasion, incorporating seasonal ingredients to highlight your special day. Allow our Event Planner to handle the rest– the décor, the invitations and more. Need help finding the perfect venue? Please contact us to schedule a private consultation.

In Home Events

Hosting an event in the privacy of your own home can be a challenge. Let our chefs handle the details, whether it is a multi-course tasting menu for ten, a backyard barbecue for twenty, cocktails and canapés for one hundred or some nibbles on the patio with a few friends. We can do it all. We can pair wines or suggest recommendations from your own cellar if you wish. Through the use of impeccable vendors we provide full staffing services, rental equipment, valet and floral arrangements and anything else you may need.

Meal Delivery

Sometimes the task of cooking for your family on a weekly basis is daunting.  Maison Privé Chefs offer a wide array of options to suit the specific needs of your family, working closely with specialty diet restrictions, food allergies and even picky kids!  We offer a meal delivery service, which can include as much or as little as you like including deliveries to the office for a single person or for corporate lunches.


Want special items for the kids? Lunches for mom? Fridge stocked with healthy food for the week? Chat with our Jen to figure out what works best for YOU. 

Today’s busy work schedules and active families place a premium on your time.  Why spend it planning meals, shopping, and cooking?  We will meet the challenge of answering the dreaded “What’s for dinner” question with delicious, gourmet meals sure to please every palate.

Other Services

Exceptional Professional Service
Flowers and Decor Design
Beverages and Ice
Wine Selections
Music and Entertainment
Valet Service
Party Favors

Any other custom requests Just Ask!

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