Jim and I recently had the luxury of being able to steal a weekend away in Vermont.  Aside from the poutine, artisanal beer and foliage, we were thrilled to have met Dustin Glasscoe of Vermont Farm Table.  It was wonderful being able to chat with someone who has so much talent and can clearly fill in the blanks where our visions of live edge cheese boards trail off into, “well, what do you think”?  We are looking forward to cultivating a relationship not only with Dustin but also with the beautiful wood that seems to bounce right from “the farm” and into his tables.  We are currently working on plans to have Dustin make custom pieces for us, incorporating reclaimed wood and metal.  In this ever-changing world there are but a handful of people who are both socially responsible, environmentally conscious and able to begin a successful company that highlights these beliefs.  As always, we are proud to support Vermont Farm Table.   Shout out to Dustin.



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