…is not one that we take. The simple road doesn’t know gravel. It is easy, reflects the sweet shadows that a billowy blowing curtain can cast upon a baby’s face when fluttering in the reflection of the wind’s breath, an open window, an open highway, anything that is meant to look simple and beautiful.

What we do is really hard. We are constantly chastised for not feeding our baby cow’s milk or chicken from farms that we do not know. When forced to pump our baby’s breast milk we heard “oh you can stop that soon” or “no one does that”. We constantly hear “oh strawberries, how bad can they be if they are not organic”. The life that we have chosen is harder and more expensive. My personal favorite comment is, “well I ate terrible things as a kid, never slept, I’m still here!”. Weird allergies are on the rise and we are happy to announce that our 20 month old eats everything from peas to diver scallops to pastured beef to liver from a farm in CT. The simple road, we have chosen to ignore both with our son and our business. We sing out loud with what we have and leave aside our thoughts of what we don’t.

Want to hire us? We will buy you food from farms, we will serve you seasonal ingredients, you will not get tomatoes in December or parsnips in June. We will continue to love the seasons and adhere to them, revere them.

As far as our strategy on life goes..it is our path to lead, and we have chosen the rocky road.

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