Spring Menu

Our Spring Menu features Peekytoe Crab Salad, Buckwheat Linguini, Moroccan Carabinero Shrimp, and more! See the full menu.

A Valentine Day

Happy Valentines Day. When I was 14 it meant who would hold my hand who would buy me chocolate who would buy me flowers… a bonus if smiles and movie tickets were attached and maybe if he followed me around I would have thought twice. A brief hand shove of the highlighted feather hair ahhhh,…

A perfect Meal

Does the Chef make the Restaurant, or does the Restaurant make the Chef?  Some might equate this to the age old adage of the chicken and the egg…who comes first and eventually, what makes the chicken cross the road? Jim and I don’t get out too much.  Two things: having a 14 month old is prohibitive…

Winter Menu

Roasted Local Butternut Squash

Broken Celery Root Emulsion, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Pomegranate


Flying Pigs Farm Pork Belly, Ty Llwyd Farm Egg, Duck Fat Breadcrumbs, Dancing Ewe Farm Pecorino


Fennel Crostini, Bottarga, Available Shellfish

Cabbage Hill Farm Pork Shoulder

Lentils, Honeycrisp Apple, Braised Kale, Huckleberry Jus


Cinnamon Graham Cake, House-Made Marshmallow Sticks, Ganache