Spring Menu

Our Spring Menu features Peekytoe Crab Salad, Buckwheat Linguini, Moroccan Carabinero Shrimp, and more! See the full menu.


Jim has been working on many things lately, he always has a new project up his sleeve. I admire him for that, for his constant child-like amazement that leads him wide-eyed and smiling into the woods behind our house to ask me, “what type of log is this, would it be good for burning–yes, I…

Playing the Fool

When Jim and I cook for ourselves, we cook at home. We argue about who’s going to be the sauté cook for the night and who is going to set the table (“properly! what if a guest shows up?”–hasn’t happened yet). Sidebar– this reminds me of when we first bought our boat and rushed out…

Past Perfect

Sometimes the jump is one foot too far to risk the leap, a self-imposed mantra that I have tried hard to avoid most of my life.  This morning I awoke with that heart pounding headache thumping feeling that you know means one of two things: you drank too much the night before or two, you were awoken suddenly amidst a dream, the kind…

A perfect Meal

Does the Chef make the Restaurant, or does the Restaurant make the Chef?  Some might equate this to the age old adage of the chicken and the egg…who comes first and eventually, what makes the chicken cross the road? Jim and I don’t get out too much.  Two things: having a 14 month old is prohibitive…

A New Year

The close of the year means something different for everyone.  For some, it is simply a champagne and caviar celebration of what is to come.  For others, it is a quiet dinner at home with the hope of staying up to see a very expensive ball drop from a very expensive stick in the middle…

Winter Menu

Roasted Local Butternut Squash

Broken Celery Root Emulsion, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Pomegranate


Flying Pigs Farm Pork Belly, Ty Llwyd Farm Egg, Duck Fat Breadcrumbs, Dancing Ewe Farm Pecorino


Fennel Crostini, Bottarga, Available Shellfish

Cabbage Hill Farm Pork Shoulder

Lentils, Honeycrisp Apple, Braised Kale, Huckleberry Jus


Cinnamon Graham Cake, House-Made Marshmallow Sticks, Ganache

The Journey of A Crab

On most days Jim and I begin with a discussion about food.  It typically begins with, “what random concoction is our baby going to have for breakfast?” and finishes with, “what’s for dinner?”.    As most of you know by now,  what to eat is not a simple question for us.  It involves sources, places,…

Private Truffle Dinner

Jim and I recently had the wonderful experience of cooking for guests who requested a special tasting menu highlighting the one and only, white truffle.     A mid-October truffle dinner hosted on a chilly crisp evening was the perfect event to get us thinking about our late-fall menus. We thoroughly enjoyed cooking for guests…