We have been feverishly trying to come up with a recipe for a take on an old (and thankfully archived) recipe, the Corn Dog.  We thought using Cabbage Hill Farm’s pork belly would be a good substitute, and we have been working on the right braise time and batter recipe since early this year.  Our first recent attempt, back in July at an event for Westchester Land Trust, involved a half-day braise with an overnight press.  The belly was skinless and we cut it into batons.  We then skewered each baton in anticipation of the batter.

The second time around we decided to keep the skin on.  We needed to crisp the batons a little bit before skewering them, but the added fat from the skin was a wonderful addition.

The batter has taken us a while to get right, we’ve had to tweak it quite a bit since the texture and overall consistency of pork belly is obviously quite different than your traditional hot dog.  At the Feed Me Fresh Event this past weekend, we got it right…using stone ground cornmeal from upstate New York and 3-Corner Field Farm buttermilk.

I was very pleased with the end result, we served it with a Plum Ginger Ketchup (plums and local ginger from Table Local Market).






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