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Help us win a $150K Grant From Chase!

Hello everyone! We’ve applied for a small business grant from Chase and we need your help. Click this link (Vote Now!) and cast your vote! It’s that simple. Thank you so much for all that you do and your continuing support!

Maison Privé Featured in Bedford 2020!

We were recently featured in an article on Bedford 2020’s Local Spotlight. We were so excited to hear that they were impressed enough with our work to include us with so many other talented local chefs. Thanks so much Bedford … Continued

The Great Escape

sitting still, hearing loudly There are things that commit us to remain where we are.  In this day and age, major snowstorms, traffic jams, reality television, sadly enough.  When I was a child I lived a mile from the train … Continued


Since I can remember, I have always loved two things (of many, but this is my focus for tonight): Bugs and Stickers. I’ve never collected stickers of the norm (unicorns, Barbie dolls etc), they were usually some sort of bug … Continued

Spring Menu

Peekytoe Crab Salad Market Radishes, Preserved Lemon, Snap Pea Vinaigrette  Buckwheat Linguini Morels, Beech Mushrooms, House-Cured Duck, Pecorino Moroccan Carabinero Shrimp Artichokes Bariguole, Bulghur, Miso Yogurt Clawhammer Farm Pork Shoulder Smoked Beans, Cabbage Slaw, Grits Poached Quail Egg Rhubarb Pudding … Continued