When Jim and I cook for ourselves, we cook at home. We argue about who’s going to be the sauté cook for the night and who is going to set the table (“properly! what if a guest shows up?”–hasn’t happened yet). Sidebar– this reminds me of when we first bought our boat and rushed out instantly to buy a case of red beer-drinking cups for the millions of friends who would be joining us every weekend that we weren’t working. We used three of them in 2 years, the last one having probably been Jim’s solo toast to the wind when I was pregnant. Jimmy’s last stand.

Back to nightly dinners. Sometimes we are tired. Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we plain old forget something, whether it be home-made bread in the oven (“uhhh Jim? that was meant for breadcrumbs, I left it there on purpose!)” or for example, butternut squash on the patio.

This one particular day happened. It was a curious day because it was January, started out normal cold and morphed into global warming sweaty. Jim and I were making food for our son and started with a base of cinnamon spiced butternut squash. We thought we would sauté some pork that we had recently procured from Flying Pigs Farm, add in sweet carrots, onion, kale, cumin and alas, the butternut. This might not make every child happy but ours would utter “ummmmmm” at the sight of this, what proud parents of a 16 month old are we? Garam Masala, no problem. Pork Belly with Turnips braised in Verjus…bring it.

Butternut was done, pork was sautéed, and we thought we would take a break. We hastily decided (and this was during the below 40 degree mark of the day) that we would leave the butternut outside on the patio, in a bowl, being that our refrigerator was stocked with the other half of the Flying Pigs Farm pork that we had bought this particular week, all 25 lbs of it.

What happened next is something that I can only tell once. It was captured by accident, as I was filming my son crawling out the back door for the first time.


Aww Hell, Back For More.


Mission Accomplished


The Man Behind the Machine


Blissful Thinking


Born To Run


Going For It


The Target Has Been Spotted


A Visitor Approaches


Butternut Squash

admin-ajaxAww Hell, Back For More.Mission AccomplishedThe Man Behind the MachineBlissful ThinkingBorn To RunGoing For ItThe Target Has Been SpottedA Visitor ApproachesButternut Squash

I looked towards our son who was still crawling on the patio and heard a feeble, “uh ohhhhh”. Nevertheless, he enjoyed the pork.

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